CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - A construction fuel truck fell from an
overpass and dumped nearly 1,000 gallons of fuel into a creek here
The driver, Antawan Sanders, 27, told police he was traveling
westbound on Interstate 277 when the rear of his Ferebee Corp.
truck began to slip around noon. He overcorrected, sending the
truck into the left guard rail.
The truck slammed into the eastbound overpass, then fell 50 feet
onto 10th Street, authorities said. Sanders was treated and
released from a local hospital for a minor shoulder injury.
The crash ruptured the 950-gallon tank and diesel fuel spilled
into Little Sugar Creek. Hazardous materials crews recovered more
than 500 gallons, said Capt. Rob Brisley of the Charlotte Fire
Officials hope the rest will be diluted by the heavy rainstorm
that swept through the area Tuesday afternoon.
The spill likely won't affect humans, but aquatic life may
suffer, said Rusty Rozzelle, Mecklenburg County water quality
program manager.
"There's no drinking water intakes immediately downstream,
(but) there are potential impacts to wildlife."
Water quality officials said they will monitor the creek closely
for the next few days.

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