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    Default D.U.I. Education

    I am the D.U.I Program Coordinator for in a small community fire department in eastern PA. I've been in charge of the program for the last two years. I am looking for some innovative programs and strategies to incorporate into the program. I generally do the program for the local high school around prom time. The school administration is very supportive of the program and the fire department in general.

    The core of the program is a mock crash complete with extrication, and combined ALS, BLS, and aeromedical response as well as a field sobriety and arrest of the mock DUI driver. In addition I've also had an indoor presentation by an undercover state trooper attached to the state liquor control board.

    The program generally lasts for 3 hours with the combined indoor and outdoor presentations. I'm looking to expand the program into an entire day event, but don't want to overkill the short attention spans of high school kids. Anyone have any ideas?

    Brian Mongrain RN, CEN, PHRN
    D.U.I. Program Coordinator
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    Default Idea for you and all young kids,....00% BAC

    Just one. Tell your students you support,...No drinking and driving that is currently allowed by federal and state legislation,....08%BAC. You and I both know there should'nt be a tolerance level. We, by law should'nt be able to drink and drive,....but by law we can.

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    I'm a teacher, so that's the direction from which I'm coming.

    Depending upon the types of technology to which these kids have access, maybe some of them could design or add on to the school's website, creating some type of interactive webpage with links on drunk driving, etc. I have another idea, but it's kind of time consuming, and I don't know how many kids you have. You could have each kid or group of kids "adopt" a victim of drunk driving. They could look up the accident on the internet, get information on the victim, and think about how old that person might be if they had not been killed. Maybe the kids could share with one another the stories of their victims. If you have anyone who's willing to do it, you could also let them interview living victims or families of victims so they can see the impact of this behavior. If I think of anything else, I will post again. Good luck. As the mom of a teenager, I appreciate all you do out there to prevent these tragedies from happening.


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    Sounds like you have a pretty good program. To add even more, go to the website: http://www.every15minutes.com/

    This is an outstanding program and goes to the length you are looking for. You already do several of the things this program recommends so you are already half way there. Explore the web site and I think you will find it takes it to that next level. It is awesome to watch in action.

    Stay Safe!

    Bill Delaney

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