WARREN, Ohio (AP) - The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is
working on a plan to extinguish an underground landfill fire that
has been burning for more than three months.
In February, state EPA officials discovered smoke coming from a
mound of construction and demolition debris located near the back
of Warren Recycling.
The mound is about 45 feet high and at least 600 feet from
surrounding homes.
Ohio EPA spokeswoman Kara Allison said the agency doesn't
believe the emissions are dangerous to the public.
Jack Stacy, general manager of Warren Hills, the management
company overseeing the landfill, said fire started from spontaneous
combustion. He said decomposition of materials produces heat under
the proper conditions.
Stacy said the company believed the fire was smothered after it
followed the Ohio EPA's suggestion to cover the area with soil. But
a consultant found a 50-by-200 foot area still smoldering
To extinguish the fire, workers will dig a trench above the
smoldering area, Stacy said. Water runoff will be pumped into the
trench where it will filter through the soil to the smoldering

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