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    Alright Guys, theres something thats been going through my mind For a Long time.. Ever since I first came to the fourms a few years back, On another name(Which I had to change for security issueshaha) I have noticed something, and it still comes up today.. I know all of the guys in here are SICK of it, personally I dont care except for the fact that its disturbing to read that the worlds FIREFIGHTERS OF THE FUTURE, just wanna talk about LIGHTS and **** like that.

    Just my 99 cents..

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    Somebody borrowed my Swahili-English Dictionary, so I am unable to completely decipher your post. Although from what I was able to translate, you seem to be upset with the topics of discussion in this forum. I would suggest instead of being a troll, why don't you create some topics other than "LIGHTS and **** like that" and give the juniors something interesting to talk about.

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    And starting new posts that do nothing but complain about it is jsut as bad and only promotes MORE ARGUMENT ON IT. If you want to talk about other things than lights, sirens, and radios, then for the love of god stop thinking about it and DO IT!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thread closed. Profanity, used or implied, not tolerated here.

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