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    Post Injury Reports-St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS (AP) - The president of the St. Louis firefighters
    union is "disappointed" in the chief's report into a rash of
    injuries that occurred at four fires this year, the St. Louis
    Post-Dispatch reported Friday.
    The confidential report by Fire Chief Sherman George and done in
    conjunction with Public Safety Director Sam Simon. It was released
    Tuesday to the Post-Dispatch. In the report, George said injuries
    to 13 firefighters could have been prevented had they and their
    commanders followed department procedure.
    But Dan Sutter, president of Local 73 of the International
    Association of Firefighters, questioned why at least eight
    firefighters involved in battling the fires were not interviewed as
    part of the four-month investigation.
    "I'm disappointed that he didn't interview all people involved
    before he drew conclusions," Sutter said. "I don't know how he
    can come to a conclusion without interviewing those at the scene."
    Capt. Addington Stewart, chairman of Firefighters Institute for
    Racial Equality, the group that represents most of the city's black
    firefighters, said there were rumblings from his members that they
    had not been asked for input, although some of them had been
    working at the fires where the injuries occurred. But Stewart said
    he did not fault George for leaving some firefighters out of the
    interview process.
    George said that his review did not dictate an interview from
    everyone involved since department policy requires every injured
    firefighter to turn in a written statement explaining what
    "A guy had a burn on his hand and said he didn't have a glove
    on. There was no need to go any further," George said, especially
    in the case of a minor injury.
    In the report, George said the injuries at all four fires had
    been preventable and had been caused by firefighters ignoring
    procedures and commanders not being accountable. Firefighters went
    into parts of a house alone and did not have a second way out.
    Sutter said firefighters were not surprised that the injuries
    occurred. They had concerns beforehand that more training was
    needed, he said, noting that commanders had been told of their
    More training was one of the main recommendations George made in
    the report.
    Simon said that while the review was complete, the process of
    looking at ways to improve the department was not. The report did
    not address the fire on May 3 last year in which firefighters Derek
    Martin and Robert Morrison were killed, but a separate internal
    investigation led by George is ongoing.

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    Default hello from 90 miles north

    i live 90 miles north of the metro area and read your post and i agree with it 100% I am just a volunteer her in louisiana mo. but i like to keep up with the haps on metro and see how you all are progressing down there keep up the good work and be careful
    god bless the stlfd
    gene traynor

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    I passed threw Louisiana, Mo a couple months ago after testing for Quincy FD. I was sight seeing on my way home. It was a Sunday and I didnít expect to see anyone around the station. I hope I can catch you guys sometime to get some pictures of your station and equipment. What are your training nights?
    One of my best friends was a close friend of Derek. My friend left the fire station when Derekís engine got the call.

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