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    Here is some food for thought. What have all of the Expolers learned in their years at the station. Just not about EMS and Fire Training, but life lessons. How has the program helped your life. What possitive thing have you notice from yourself and those around you at the station. Please let us know!

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    well, before i became a jr. firefighter, i could care less about my health and the people around me. It was like, what are they doing for me! Then i moved in with my dad who is a FF and started to realize that maybe i wanted to do it too.

    It wasn't until...Box 8087 WTC that really got me into this field. I saw on the TV in classroom 202 at Sterling HS all those Firefighters that were rushing into the Towers, just to have it fall on them and take there lives. That hit me real hard.

    The program has me caring for my health now, i'm losing weight from what i do and i care for everyone i see, even the ones who may tick me off. I've learned that all life is precious and that someone has to protect them from fire. I've learned that doing good things will get goods things in return, and what i've received is respect, respect from my fellow brothers in Station 69-1 and respect from my townspeople. They see me in my Department T-shirt and wave and all that good stuff.

    This is a great thing were doing, if only more people would step up and help out.
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    I have also started caring more about my health and started losing weight, I never really thought about my health before the first time i ran to the station and threw my gear on, i realized i need to lose some weight.

    The people i have met and the storys i have heard since joining have been tremendous. My grandfather was a member of the same dept im on now he served for 44 years as a volly, and the new things i have learned about him have made me feel so proud to call him my grandfather. I have gained 30 friends and counting from my time as a junior fireman. and i thank them every chance i get for giving me the chance.
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    It has changed my life. I too now care about my health, and try to stay in shape. Its also changed me in thinking that some people just are not that bright, to put it nicely. But even though they can be good natured, and hard working. Taught me not to judge people based on the first impression. And the major thing is that your are somebody. Built up my self-confidence thats for sure. Theres not a better feeling than the little kids talking to you cause your a "fireman". Teaches you self control really. Also makes me behave because I know that I am not representing just me but the fire company.

    Just live by this statement:
    "To the public you just aren't a fireman, your the fire department." Helps you decide if something is good or bad to do.

    Also this is one to live by too:
    "There is the right way, the wrong way and the chiefs way of doing things."
    What you do then who knows...
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    Some of the life leason ive gotten from Explorers is to respect everyone who does this job. Explorers has probley(sp) kept me from doing alot of stupid things with my life. Ive been doing better in school also.

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    I will save space and just say that I would echo what Quigger,
    rfcmitch,and jrffca said. I have learned alot more about the fire department, how to use tools properly and things such as that. A very important thing I learned is when I ride on a shift, NEVER eat alot of food. I just don't get hungrey because I figure that if I eat a big meal, we will get the biggest baddest fire or MVA in the history of mankind.
    No longer an explorer, but I didn't wanna lose my posts.

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    it isnt until you are on the other side of the yellow tape that you realize firefighters do alot more than just go and put the fire out. after seeing the tragdey that happened on september 11, 2001 I thought it was discusting and couldnt believe that could happen.But when i joined the fire dept, I saw there were alot of heros that day willing to put their life on the line for others.also i have learned to respect everyone even if i dont like them.also i have learned at the firehouse that you make important decisions.

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    Even though I haven't been in the fire services that long, it still has taught me many things. It taught me to just deal with the people that I dislike, because you can't always avoid them-especially if you work in close quarters with them. It also taught me to work at my fullest extent because things aren't always easy to come by. Also, if you earn something, you feel a lot better about having it. I actually worry about keeping my grades up because if I don't, I know I can face suspension from my company. All in all, it has made me realize more what my life can be, and how to achieve what I want out of my life.
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    Default You know what is sad?

    In thirteen days a thread asking what you have learned during your time in the explorer program has only generated seven replies prior to mine.

    Pagers in school, lights in POV's, etc. get ten times the response.

    Priorities, priorities, priorities.
    "We shouldn't be opening firehouses in Baghdad and closing them in New York City."


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    wow, i'm glad some one started a post like this, this is what the forums are good for, real talking, not how many blinky lights i have just about life, neway the real reason i was going to post here is that i too have learned many life lessons, like there are some people that you have to deal with even thought they are morons but you still have to create a profinial(sp) apperence thats the way life is i've grown up in the service, i just got on as a firefighter and i'm still compleatly active in my post. its a wonderful program i wish ever one good luck with you careers what ever you might turn out to be weather its a ems or fire or even police, it the way of our lives that we have chosen it the way we will always be no matter what.

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