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    Default Bullet Proof Firefighters

    And you thought being a First Responder
    was dangerous? Now apparently
    you aren't safe training either.

    I am very glad the FFs who were
    in the "line of fire" from the idiot
    shooting animals in back yard are
    okay.And behind a Senior Center no
    less.What gear is this guy missing?
    All of them I think,his clutch is
    totally gone.

    Every city/county has animal
    control officers,rescue groups
    for animals and Fish and Wildlife,
    there's no excuse for this...It
    could have easily been a child or
    elderly person standing in place of
    that FF,and they wouldn't have had
    turnout gear on.

    Well,Edward of Boonton FD,I am very
    glad you are okay.I think you should
    call the turnout gear manufacters
    and thank them for doing their job well.
    I believe they may want you for their next
    Ad Campaign...I think you would sell
    a lot of gear.Forget Nike...buy
    turn out...it may be the fashion
    of the future the way things are

    Stay low,keep that coat on!

    Becky Robinette Wright
    P.O.Box 37334
    Richmond,Virginia 23234-7334

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    Thanks Becky! I'm sure my brothers in Boonton will appreciate your thoughts.

    Now....if I can only find out who boobytrapped one of our fire roads with a pipe bomb....I'd feel better.

    Yep...North Haledon, NJ...in the High Mountain Wilderness Park. A pipe bomb....with a trigger device. Thank God it was discovered and detonated safely.

    Maybe I pi**ed someone off??!!
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    I didn't read about that one. Was it published? Did the state fire marshal distribute it?? In addition to our 2 engines, we also run a brush truck out of our house, this is scary, unfourtunatly, not shocking, but scary.
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