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    Talking Mi Ifsac

    I had another question for any MI people out there or anyone that is familiar with IFSAC. I wanted to know if my Alaska IFSAC FFII would be recognized in MI. I looked on the IFSAC website and it had MI listed as an IFSAC state but it did not say what credentials they recognized, unlike many of the other states listed. If any one knows the answer or could lead me in the right direction that would be great.

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    Default IFSAC

    The curriculum has been standardized but the certification has not. We have had 2 FF come to us from Chicago and 1 from the USAF in the past year and they all had to challenge the state test. The way our dept. works is, you have a year to get certified FF1 and FF2. Being certified in Illinios is good enough to get these guys on the trucks, they just had to challenge the test within their first year. We run an in house academy where FF1 and FF2 are given back to back, and then we go to a testing cite to challenge the state test. If you do a google search for the Michigan State Police Fire Marshal Division, click on FireTies you can find out where and when the tests will be administered. Some will say RETEST. Happy hunting.
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    We had a couple of guys that had to do the challenge, one was from Florida the other Indiana.
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