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    Default Do Your Loved Ones Worry About You When You're On Duty Or On A Call

    Had a brief chat with my wife as I was leaving for my part-time FD. I asked her if she worried about me when I'm there or on a call. She said, "No. I figure you know what you're doing and you almost never fight fire." I hope the 1st part is true, the second definitely is. Even if I'm on the engine, I'm way more likely to do auto extrication that fight fire. I guess she only thinks of the dangers associated with interior firefighting.

    This got me to thinking. Do your loved ones worry about you, either when you're at work (part or full time) or if you're on a call (volunteer)? Have you ever asked them? Do you think they understand what you do and what the risks are?
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    Restaraunt fire this past Super Bowl Sunday. Came in at 12:15am. Gave the wife a kiss and left her in bed. This time she decides to lay awake and listen to the pager to see what's going on. While at the scene, I went to the roof, found it to be a bad idea, called Command to inform them the roof was partially collapsing. At that time, our radio system went down, so that was the last thing my wife heard for about 1/2 hour.

    She let me know darn well later that day how much she is aware of what's going on and her opinion of me doing it!

    We also, a few years ago, had a "family day" at our local academy. We went through a few different evolutions and most members brought family members to it. We had an announcer talk through each scene. Helped them understand what we do, why we do it, and some of the risks. Worked pretty well.

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    I think that all family members worry when you go out on a call to some extent. Some worry more than others, and not having a proper understanding about what we do can lead to misconceptions and fear. I think that if they realized just how safe we really are, the fear would subside. I personally never asked if my mom is worried whenI go on a call, but I know she probably has her reservations. I think the more overwhelming feeling that our families have is pride.

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    Some of you know the story:

    I told my wife, " I gotta go"

    She replied "I know"

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    My Dad is a former firefighter, so he usually gives me a "be careful" when I talk to him from work, especially when the weather is rotten or the natives are restless. As for Mom, the assorted "gal pals" and the rest of my family and friends, ignorance is bliss.

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    Sure they worry..... They may not admit it but they do. It is also especially bad when you have son's and daughter's and girlfriends who work the job. I know that when I was still living in Va and my son would go with me on calls...I was still worried. My girlfriend has a "canned" response when I am leaving for work (she is a firefighter also): "Be careful, have a quiet day and don't let those yahoos get you hurt." Now her daughter has just started the academy. It will be interesting to see how that pans out when she gets on the job.
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    Default Funny you should mention it -

    I'm sure my wife worries about me whenever I'm working, but I think I worry about her as much or more. She drives 40k miles a year or so doing home health - and I know what kind of idiots are on some of those country roads.

    Not to change the subject too much, but what about kids? Mine are 6, 3, and 3 months. They miss having me at home every third day, but they really haven't expressed any concern about me getting hurt. I'm sure that will start sometime. Anyone know from experience what age kids typically become aware of the danger?

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    My wife worry.......NO she's thinking money!!! Just kidding.
    Actually she will not admit it but she sets at home and listen to my spare radio when I'm at work. And how I know that is when I show up unexpected its setting in which ever room she is in. I think she worrys more when I'm called out on a off-duty HAZMAT call, because she knows I'll be the first to enter the scene.
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    they aren't loved ones if they don't worry. my wife doesn't like to show it sometimes but I know she worries about me when I go on a call.
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    Default Of Course

    Yea, I even asked to see what my mom had the say about it, She aways tells me to be careful when I go on a call. When I asked her if she said of course since neither her or my dad would ever do it.
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