saturday night rain cauese milions in damage to east and south charlotte. a storm cel dropped 6 plus inches of rain over the same area in about 2 hours. this causes major flooding and forced evacuation of 300 people from thier homes. doral apartments off monroe road. in an area known for flooding wate ros a high as the second floor in some places. city swoft water rescue on scene. no one injuried at this location
2700 e. independance blvd at waterman. water caused closing of major east west road. news tems reported even dumpsters floating down the road. holiday inn at 2700 block had large parking lot cave in and water rose to the second floor of the hotel. all guests got out with help for fire crews. damage to these places alone is over 3 million dollars. e. indenpance blvd still being checked for damage and may need repair if more rain takes place. many other high water calls had matial aid units into the city.all city units working on some call at the height of the storm.