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    Thumbs up For our Guatemala Brothers!

    CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. (AP) - A group of firetrucks and ambulances
    donated by local departments head for Guatemala this weekend, where
    firefighters from the Central American nation say they are badly
    Nineteen firefighters from Guatemala will leave Central Falls
    Sunday with four trucks, an ambulance, the two vans in which they
    came, and another used truck for the roughly 5,000-mile journey
    home. The trip is expected to take 12 to 13 days.
    Four of the men will break off to go to Atlanta, where they are
    to pick up two more fire trucks that the commandant and chief of
    Guatemala's Volunteer Fire Department Cesar Augusto Gonzalez-Arroyo
    has arranged to purchase for $3,000.
    Gonzalez-Arroyo said his volunteer company currently has just 55
    fire trucks for the 120 fire stations scattered around the country.
    There are few aerial trucks - not enough to protect the 90
    buildings in Guatemala City with 17 or more floors, Gonzalez-Arroyo
    told The Providence Journal.
    In the areas outside the capital there are no aerial trucks,
    meaning that usually when a fire breaks out, the building burns to
    the ground.
    "The true reality is that we need these trucks,"
    Gonzalez-Arroyo said. "We are very happy to be bringing these
    trucks to Guatemala."
    The donated equipment includes two ladder trucks and a pumper
    truck donated by the city of East Providence, a piece of fire
    apparatus from the town of Johnston, medical equipment donated by a
    firm in Worcester, and an ambulance donated by Greenwood Fire
    Apparatus of North Attleboro.
    Hector Solis, a Central Falls businessman who emigrated from
    Guatemala 35 years ago, and Gordon Duke, a former Providence
    firefighter who visited the country, are the credited with helping
    to make the donations possible. Solis said he started contacting
    local departments about donating their old equipment to the
    Guatemalans about four years ago, after a friend informed him of
    the need.
    The gift of the three fire trucks from East Providence
    represented the biggest gift so far.

    (Copyright 2003 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Well right here....Duh!!


    Jeremy Culver
    IACOJ Bureau of EMS

    These views are my own and do not represent the views or opinions of anyambulance service that I am affiliated with.

    Help our fellow firefighters.
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    I will echo my sentiments from the other thread on here. A dept in need ,is a dept in need, BUT we have entirely too many here in the USA that are as bad and worse off than those south of the border.
    Adding to this storyline, Helping Our Own was called the other day to take possesion of a 1972 750 gpm front mount pumper, It was on a road trip heading south of the border when the engine started knocking. Instead of taking it the rest of the way they asked HOO to do something with it. How are we supposed to read this, there are many ways to look at it.
    One is, well since it isnt good enough to send all the way down there, let someone here do something with it. or It was in too bad of condition to give out here, WRONG, there are depts all over this country that are still using 1940,s, 1950,s 1960,s trucks and some only have brush trucks for their main attack apparatus.
    This truck will now be taken to the refurb shop and will be put into good mechanical and pumping shape. then it will go to a needy dept here in the USA.
    HOO is finally getting up and running like it should be, In the near future ,HOO will be running a flatbed truck/trailer hauling fire trucks and a box truck hauling donated gear on a full time basis, as soon as the funding is secured.
    I hope more depts will realize the need here at home first , then we can also help our foreign brothers.
    We have hundreds of depts that would go anywhere to pick up trucks and gear but we are trying to keep an order to it and make sure it is going to the most needy depts first, not just someone wanting to add more items to their inventory. This also helps document the need out there to help with future help and funding for all of us.
    All of Helping Our Own's facts and figures are regularly used in Washington DC to pursue future help for all of the fire service.
    I will admit , we still have a long way to go, we have to find a way to get EVERY fire dept in the US informed about the problem out there so we can take care of our own first.
    Capt.Tyler Sitzer
    Weiner Vol Fire & Rescue, Weiner, ARK &
    Ark Coordinator for Helping Our own,Inc

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