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    Default WMD Policy and Planning

    I am currently working on a project(course) that would provide information and guidance to command level officers and managers of agencies that are involved in the response to a WMD incident. The course would be designed in such a manner that it would require the attendees to do some pre-requisite work as to identifying planning concerns and bring these concerns with them so that they may be addressed in the course. It is envisioned that the course would culminate into a table top exercise based upon the pre-requisite work and a pleminary written plan from the pre-requisite work put together in the course by the participants.

    My questions are: Is this something that has been overlooked in all of the excitment and scrambling to come up with something that may work for the interim? and do you think that a course like this is needed?

    Please feel free to let me know your opinions either good or bad. I do not like re-inventing the wheel, but I keep hearing in my travels around the country that a lot of communities need help in coping with these issues. You may contact me at the following e-mail address: gneal@community-research.com
    Garry W. Neal

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    I know a course like that has been developed. The Department of Homeland Security, Center for Domestic Preparedness offers an Incident Command class. I believe that it is three days. They do a table top exercise as well. I have not yet attended this class, but hope to in the near future. However, I have heard that the class is great!

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