NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) - Forty-six people were bused to the
hospital complaining of respiratory problems after a fire in the
electrical system at a North Bend call center, officialc 3iid.
"There is nobody in serious condition," said Bonnie Barron, a
spokeswoman for Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay. "Some may spend the
night. It's just headaches and dizziness and tightness of the
Lesley Pool, a spokeswoman for Affiliated Computer Services
Inc., the Dallas-based company that owns the call center, said the
fire that broke out in the heating and air conditional system
caused a box of paper and some wires to burn.
"That caused smoke to emit and an odor, at which point managers
called the fire department and they put the fire out," Pool said.
"Some people were having problems because of the odor and the
smoke. So our managers called the medical response team to have
everyone checked that thought they might have problems breathing or
with smoke inhalation."
The fire broke out at about 1 p.m. Wednesday; five different
fire departments responded to the call.
The cause of the fire was under investigation, Pool said. She
said the call center was housed in a newly constructed building.
About 500 people work for ACS in the Coos Bay-North Bend area,
she said.

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