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    Default haz mat mci and workers

    charlotte nc 16 injuried by co2 posion from a genorator in a storage room off eastway drive. engine 15 dispatched for sick person found large number of co2 victims asked for full box and 5 ems units.all taken to local hospitals. engines15,7,11,ladder 1 haz mat 1,2, bc 1,3
    working fire mr. k's dinner on south blvd. a singal alarm fire did damage to a 1 story brick dinner. fire under control in 30 min. 4 engines 1 ladder1 rescue 2 bc
    quail hollow at sharon road fire in a y.m.c.a. short in wires caused small fire in lockers rooms and suana od south side y.m.c.a damage was minor. locker rooms closed for repair.engines 16,24,19 ladder 16 rescue 3 bc 5

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    Default correction

    Companies at CO incident:
    Still Alarm: E15; Box Alarm Cos: E-64, 7; L-23; HM 1, 2; B/C 2; R-3 to fill bottles

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