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    Talking Something stinks in KIWI land!

    Sniff...sniff. WHOA...did you have broccoli for dinner?

    NZ farmers say "flatulence tax" plan stinks
    WELLINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) - New Zealand farmers are
    being asked to cough up NZ$8.4 million ($4.9 million) a year to
    help reduce greenhouse effects caused by flatulence of their
    millions of sheep and cattle -- and they say the plan stinks.
    Last year New Zealand signed up to the Kyoto Protocol on
    global warming and agreed to reduce production of greenhouse
    gases which are suspected of being a major cause of climate
    Now the government plans to introduce a tax to help pay for
    research into livestock emissions of methane and nitrous oxide,
    which account for more than half of the country's greenhouse
    But farmers argue that reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    benefits everyone so the costs should be spread across all
    "This decision is yet another example of the government's
    desire to act in the wider public interest but expecting rural
    New Zealand to pay for its largesse," Federated Farmers
    President Tom Lambie said.
    Most of the livestock emissions come from the methane-rich
    burps of cows and sheep.
    On current livestock numbers of around 46 million sheep and
    nine million cows, the levy will cost farmers around nine cents
    a sheep a year, and around 72 cents per cow.
    Deer and goats will also be taxed, but pigs and poultry --
    paltry contributors to greenhouse emissions by comparison --
    are exempted.
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    Exclamation "flatulence"

    Jeez Louise! The next thing you know, they will want to put a tax on firefighters on Chili Night!
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    And we all thought our bunch of greeny tree huggers in parliament were supposed to deal with issue like Economy, world trade, etc.

    "Beam me up Scotty, there is NO intelligent life here."

    Trust me this is just one in a series of dumb moves from this lot.
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    Must be a secret plan by the vegetarians to outlaw eating meat...or at least raising it!

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    THANKS ALOT NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now, as soon as Al and Hillary and Dick see this post, that will open the flood gates. Not only do we have alot of flatulence, think of all the CO and CO2 from all the burps around the vol. fire houses from drinking beer! What about all the ureic acid? Think of all the taxes they could impose! We're dead!


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