SANTA CLARA, Calif. (AP) - A Santa Clara assistant fire chief
who was arrested three weeks ago for allegedly filming a woman as
she disrobed at a tanning salon has resigned, ending a career of
more than 25 years.
Fremont police arrested Clark Richard Edelstein, the
third-ranking official in the Santa Clara Fire Department, after a
40-year-old woman complained someone had videotaped her while she
was undressed in a private booth at the Nu Tan Tanning Salon in
According to the San Jose Mercury News, the woman heard a man
moaning and noticed a handheld camera pointing at her from over the
top of an adjoining room as she applied tanning lotion in the buff.
She quickly dressed and told the salon manager someone had
videotaped her.
When police arrived, the salon manager told officers that
Edelstein had reserved the room next to the woman's and was seen
leaving it around that time carrying a small bag. Both the manager
and the victim later identified Edelstein from photographs, court
records examined by the Mercury News said.
After serving a search warrant on Edelstein's home, police
seized a digital camera, computer diskettes, a laptop computer and
computer CDs. They also found a box with about 90 sex videos,
unlabeled homemade videos, a memory stick for a digital camera and
a pinhole camera, records showed.
Edelstein, who has been on leave since shortly after his arrest
on a misdemeanor invasion-of-privacy charge, did not respond to
repeated phone calls from the newspaper and his attorney could not
be reached for comment.
After so many years with the fire department, Edelstein is
eligible to collect from the Public Employees Retirement System a
pension equal to 78 percent of his average salary over the last
three years, said City Manager Jennifer Sparacino.
At the time of departure, effective Thursday, he earned $165,108
a year.

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