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    Post Geez...I couldn't dream this stuff up. FF/Porn/Wife/Gun

    PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) - A city firefighter has been accused of
    pointing a gun at his wife when she tried to stop him from watching
    Internet pornography.
    Lavoisier D. Washington, 38, of Pontiac, was arraigned Thursday
    on charges of felonious assault and carrying a concealed weapon. He
    was released on $5,000 bond.
    Fire Chief Wilburt McAdams told The Oakland Press he suspended
    Washington without pay following the alleged incident on Wednesday
    morning and will try to fire the eight-year veteran of the
    Reached by telephone Friday, a woman who identified herself as
    Washington's mother said her son didn't want to comment.
    Oakland County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Deborah Carley said
    Washington's wife confronted him after finding him viewing a
    pornographic Web site for the second time in as many days.
    "She was especially upset because he was accessing the site
    while the children were asleep in the same room," Carley said.
    "She told him she was going to cut the cable to the computer and
    went to get scissors.
    "He got a gun and pointed it at her temple."
    Carley said the children, who range in age from 11 to 17, awoke
    during the confrontation and tried to help their mother. A daughter
    left the house and called police.
    Carley said Washington then went to his mother's Pontiac home
    and tried to hide the gun there. Officers, who arrested him as he
    walked outside, found a loaded semiautomatic handgun inside.

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    And it was probably the crappy, 6-second free clips too. I mean, not that I know...... Certainly NOTHING worth putting a gun to somebody's head. This guy needs help.

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    RANT ON...

    Here we go again. Another story the media is going to use to stain the title 'Firefighter'. If it bleeds it leads. One person out of a million plus of us does something stupid and it tarnishs us all. Do not take this as bashing this guy, perhaps this is CISD or a mental issue. I hope it is because doing this in your childrens' room is unbelievable. This story will hang around the local paper for awhile and if 'juicy' enough will go nationwide. My point is if his FD terminates him he will forever be that horrible firefighter because you know the media is going to play the "EX-FIREFIGHTER" angle to death. Remember those MUTTS who tortured those kittens to death? They were terminated from their FD and every story was "EX-FIREFIGHTER". When was the last time you saw some waste of good air do something inhuman and was labeled "EX-MCDONALDS WORKER", certainly being a FF is a position of trust and the public expects more of us. It just burns me when I see "EX-FIREFIGHTER" a year after the crime has happened and they have been terminated. My thoughts go to the members of his dept. who are going to be haunted by this story.

    RANT OFF...

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