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    With all you read about DUI related incidents, how do some of you handle a person charged with a DUI I do not mean driving fire dept. appartus. What do your policies state if a person is convicted of a DUI? Do you run driver license checks, can the member every drive fire appartus again, or do you have a suspension period? Thanks for all the help.

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    I am lucky to work for a State agency. As a State employee whos job requires them to drive a State owned vehicle you are subject to annual DMVR checks. If you get a ticket with more than a 2 point reduction (which is everything but speeding less than 10 over) you are required to notify your supervisor and expect a few days off. If you are convicted of DUI, you are banned from ever operation a State owned vehicle and thur fired. Although this is a strict policy, most employees like it. We become safer drivers in our own cars because we know that if we mess up our driving record, we mess around with our jobs.

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