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    Question Public Safety Director

    I am just trying to gain information from municipalities who use a " Public Safety Director " as opposed to a Fire Chief. The town I work for is currently exploring this idea.

    I do not know of any in NH, but if you are aware of any outside the state, please respond.

    Thank you,

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    Howdy George,

    I believe the Waterville Valley, NH FD/PD (which has some PSO's) has a Public Safety Director. I am not really sure where you would be able to track down someone up there as ski season is over and things kind of shut down a bit. Good luck in your search for information.
    Personally I would rather have a fire chief for my boss and let the police chief handle his troops. But in a state where our Fire Academy is named after a cop I guess anything is possible!
    Proud to be an American, Union Firefighter!

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    Default Public Safety Director

    Typically a public Safety Director would be a consideration when your service area becomes as large as a city . At this point you would need someone to coordinate your public safety departments . This includes Fire , Police , DPW , Gas , Water , etc. . The heads of these Departments are still kept in place , you would just be adding the Public Safety Director for better coordination . This would not or should not eliminate the Fire or Police Chiefs....

    Some officials are misinformed with the concept of a Public Safety Director , usually they do not understand what Fire Chiefs or Police Chiefs do nor do they care usually the only concern they have with a Departments operation is their budget not how it could run more effectively...

    Good Luck!!!

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    Cool PSD

    Hey George,

    I think Brian G. in Amherst, NH is considered a PSD. There was talk of combining the two departments (fire & ems) and he would become the PSD along with the fire chief. Try to call and get the facts from him he would know.
    ~Chris G,

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