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    With Pierce's A-TAC suspension as hot as it is I was wondering if any other chassis builders are offering anything similar? The Pierce A-TAC engine I have seen was outstanding. Ferrara is marketing a Independent Front Suspension. Is this the same thing except marketed under another name? Does Seagrave or Spartan offer anything similar?

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    The Ferrara IFS system is similar to the Pierce TAK-4 system. The main differences I can see are Pierce uses torsion bars and Ferrara uses coil springs, also the Pierce system uses a single steering box set in the middle of the assembly where the Ferrara system seams to use dual steering boxes set directly under the frame rails forward of the control arms. They claim the same max GAWR on both systems although I have not seen anywhere in Ferrara’s information what the cramp angle is I can only guess it is as good as the Pierce system’s.

    I have personally driven a Pierce TAK-4 system and absolutely loved it, I hope I can experience the Ferrara IFS system before too long.

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    You have to think about were Pierce got that IFS. They got it from Oshkosh Truck which builds heavy-duty vehicles and military vehicles also. And Pierce is owned by Oshkosh. Ferrara has a front suspension that may be like IFS but can't come close. Ferrara even tried to name it "Attack 4". They had to change that right away. Our new Lance has the Tak-4 and we will buy all our new trucks with it!

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