OTTAWA (CP) - The Health Department has issued a warning about
dangerous lighters being sold illegally in Canada.
It says they pose potential fire, injury and burn hazards.
They have been known to explode or leak gas when dropped or
exposed to heat, continue to burn after the trigger is released,
and have excessive flame heights.
Health Canada inspectors have confiscated thousands of
disposable and refillable lighters from convenience stores, gas
stations and other retail outlets across the country.
However, it's still not known who is importing them.
Retailers caught selling the lighters could have them seized by
the department, and could also face prosecution under the Hazardous
Products Act.
Consumers are asked to stop using the lighters if they have
them, and contact the nearest Health Canada product safety office.
The illegal lighters include: Actex, Alpine, American Match,
A-M, Best, Boda Bing, Cig, C-Lites, Eagle Lites Easyway, Elite,
Everglide, Gil, Happy, Harry, King, Liberty Lites, Living Picture
A-G, Maxlite, Meibai 3000, One Plus, Regal Light, Rollnite,
Snaplite, Spin-Lite, Strik'n Lite, Sun, Sun Lite, Touch Lite,
W-Push-Lite, Viva and Wax.

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