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    Question Bugles and Trumpets oh my!

    I see them in the fire scramble,I see them on Old Kits but I have wonderd what significance do bugles have to the fire serivce. I got the idea of the hydrent and ladder. But why a bugle? Why does it signify rank? What was there history? Were they some kind of device to call people to a alarm in the old days or are they purely cerimonial? Sorry about the spelling, this is my fourth day of no sleep.


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    If you look at some of the old pictures of firefighters from the 1800s, you will note the officers use "speaking trumpets" or bugles as a means to amplify their voice on the fire ground.

    I'm not quite old enough to remember them, but they were the loudspeaker of their day. It is my understanding that there were "operational" bugles and "ceremonial" bugles. The ceremonial bugles were part of the dress uniform and were usually highly decorated with engraving, painting of various fire scenes, and gold and silver trim.

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