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    Post how does your company run

    every dept is diffrent. im in the process of joining and waiting for them to do the check on me. i noticed my friends that are under 18 have black turnout and if there on probation they have a blue helmet. i noticed members over 18 had yellow turnout. what does your company do and what brands?
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    We are supplyed Invis-E-Gear. I love this stuff its light,and protects you so well and stands up to heavy work. The manufactuer is Emperors tailer,they very friendly to work with.

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    we are supplyed with globe and morning pride.the jr's have the same gear as standard members. the only differance is that jr's get yellow helmets and senior members have black helmets.

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    We get hand me down turnouts... and our helmets are the smae color(yellow) as the trainees, kind of bad, i think we are changing them. the reg FF get red helmets
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    we get black gear the same as all the other members. We have a couple different brands but we are in the process of switching all of our gear to Fire Gear brand bunker gear. We also have black cairns 1010 helmets the same as the other members when there are some availabe if not some juniors have red salad bowls.
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    We get black helmets and black turnouts just like the seniors. The only thing really is our accountability tags and our helmets are marked with Explorer Stickers. The brands, they differ from the years, but I have Janesville, and theres Lion Apperal(Yeah yeah, I know they are pretty much the same thing). Bullard, Morning Pride, Globe, but those are hard to get, lol.

    At the moment and time, because I have a big head and I am the Captain, I have a Lion Aperal Legend Helmet, and Janesville's turnouts. I am in the process of working on buying a pair of Globe turnouts or something. Not a priority, I am perfectly comfortable with what I have.

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    None.................... Had to buy my own when I was a "explorer". Since I joined just days before everyone else stopped running as an explorer post. We all got the shaft. Unless you were the captains kid.

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