Companies 6, 1, 5, T-4 were called to a fire alarm at the Fox Hill High-rise in District 6. While enroute the police advised of a working fire on the 5th floor of the building. Truck 4 was first onscene with Company 6 and attacked the fire. The fire was small and was held to one room by the truck crews with water cans. While preparing for a hose attack, Company 5 charged the standpipes which burst between floors 3 and 4. Crews helped with the water clean up and checking for extension and overhaul.

Responding Units: Engine 5-2, Engine 5-1, Truck 5, E-61, E-62, R-6, T-4, E-41, R-4, E-11, E-12, R-1, CMD-32, E-31, Mini-3, numerous EMS units
Command: Chief 60 (Chief Katofsky)
Interior OPS: C-42 (Asst Chief Feyes)
#5 Command: C-51 (Asst Chief Atwood)