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    Default US 'dangerously unprepared for new terror attack'


    US 'dangerously unprepared for new terror attack'

    The US is "dangerously unprepared" to cope with another terror attack according to a report by a New York think-tank.

    Emergency services, including police, firefighters, and health workers are under-funded and lack vital equipment and training.

    The Council on Foreign Relations wants another 60billion spent on bolstering defences against a possible chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear strike.

    Former Senator Warren Rudman, who headed the study, said: "We are dealing with the possibility of tens of thousands of casualties. And we must deal with it.

    "This is a question of protecting the American people from unspeakable horror."

    Police chiefs around America have complained about the lack of protective suits, while health officials do not have the resources needed to analyse basic biological or chemical agents, the report found.

    Most US fire departments have only enough radios to equip half the firefighters on a shift and breathing apparatuses for only a third.

    Poor radio communications between emergency services was a serious problem during the September 11 attacks in 2001.

    A spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security that the conclusion that an additional 60billion is needed for first responders is "grossly inflated."

    He said officials already have implemented or are in the process of putting in effect others of the report's suggestions. The Council on Foreign Relations is a New York-based think tank.

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    We've got the exact same problem here in Australia!

    Our government spent millions preparing fridge magnets for all residents and not much more for the responders!

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