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    Exclamation My shoulder hurts.....

    Your Engine company is rolling to a reported truck off the road on a on a cold cold snowey night at 3am. You arrive on scene and find a box truck with a fully involved cab and dead driver and the contents of the back have spilled out onto the highway in a small pile in the travel lane its dark and you cant quite see what it is but you got a fire to put out and the lettering was on the cab door and is charred off. You slip and fall into a pile of these contents think nothing of it and are glad the guys didnt see you ,you get right up again. As your overhauling you see a placard 3291 and your Lt yells to ya to get in and let pd and the tow company handle . You later return to quarters and goto bed and wake up to a nice ham and egg breakfast cooked by the talented Lt. But you keep complaining that your shoulder hurts. What should you do?
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    Default MEDICAL WASTE!

    Hi brothers,

    havent been on in a while... Brother, to answer your question. You slipped and fell in a medical waste/bio-waste type material. You should be seeking immediate emergency attention to fight infection. Your shoulder injury is the least of your worries...Id say isolate the waste, call poison control center and transport your personel to ER. Also provide that info to ER staff to better enable the treatment. And I would get your bunker gear cleaned to remove any medical waste and have anyone who has come into contact with your bunker gear get checked...

    Isolate leak and keep a area of 30 to 80ft around the hot zone clear.

    symptoms of exposure....nausa,irritation...bunker gear wont do much in protecting you from medical waste.

    A few things that could of been done here is...Upon arrival always treat a situation like that with the same respect as a potentially HAZMAT situation....Upon arrival, take a few seconds before hopping of the engine, to look at the scene with a spot light to get a good look at the scene, if you see the material spread out, keep everyone clear from it, call DEC and hazmat in to assist. Walking on a fire scene where there is unkown martials spread over the road is dangerous. Even if you dont see a plackard, if it isnt clear to you what is in certain containers or such items, treat it as a HAZMAT situation. Dont take chances!. btw: you prolly just brusied your shoulder, but id be more worried about the medical waste exposure.

    (Nice study task for 0630 hrs)

    good morning folks, Im glad to be back.

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    Well.. If it was anything bad, you probably be dead by now. Not trying to scare ya, but how many cold, snowy night do you get in June or July? If you had an injury that punctured the skin and caused infection, by now it would be pretty bad, uless you take showers in betadine twice a day and eat PCN for a snack. Even so, perhaps needles could have been present. So you'd at least need blood tests, precautionary antibiotics, X-Rays, etc. To check for diseases, chemical poisoning, infection, fractures. If you had gear on, chances are nothing touched your skin, unless you don't wash your gear. But maybe something cracked on impact. You can break bones, and never know till hours even days later. Trust me.

    Anyway, who cares if someone see's you. Sure they might razz ya a bit, but if you are hurt, they'd make sure it was taken care of.

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