Great news. My hometown fire department got its Social Membership proposal through so they can get the support personnel they need to help out with such departmental functions as fundraising, bingo, community service projects, etc. As a new member of the department, I am already getting ready to dive into the tasks that need to be done. Finally a chance to give back to my community and I intend to make full and good use of it. I am even offering my services on the computer for generating any documents the Perry Fire Department may wish to have done up and other desktop publishing tasks, all in addition to any other tasks that may be assigned me or I volunteer for. They can count on me to do my best and I am looking forward to giving the department and community many years of service, whether or not I can ever be an active member of the department. At least it is a start and I am looking forward to the work to be done. Thatway, I can be a community ASSET and not a LIABILITY.