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    Default American hydrant thread name

    Can anyone tell me the proper nasme for the thread on 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 hydrant and hose fittings. I am trying to crossover some US Hydrants here to accept British Instantaneous fittings and I need the name of the type of thread coming off the 2 1/2" outlet on the hydrant. In Canada, we used to call it FHT for fire hose thread. No one in this part of the world (Middle East) seems to have a clue about it. I appreciate any help
    Thank you

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    They call it NST (National Standard Thread) but they also have a corser thread that is called bastard thread.
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    Once you step out of fire dept. circles (where it is indeed referred to as NST), the official engineering designation is "NH" for National Hose. The 2 1/2" would be specified 2.5-7.5NH (2 1/2 nominal size, 7 1/2 threads per inch, National Hose thread form.) 1 1/2 would be 1.5-9NH, although it is common (at least around here) for 1 1/2 to be "Iron Pipe" instead of "National Standard". In this case, it would be designated 1.5-11.5NPSH. This will actually thread onto an equivalent size taper pipe thread (NPT).
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    Originally posted by Ltmdepas3280
    They call it NST (National Standard Thread) but they also have a corser thread that is called bastard thread.
    hahahaha that hilarious, hahahaha, even if it is true, its still hilarious, lol

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