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    Default Equipment Recommendations

    The time has come for me to start purchasing gear for fire and EMS training. Because I pay for all of my own classes and such, that means I have to buy my own equipment and gear as well.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on places to go for good stuff (sort of like Consumer Reports for Fire/EMS personnel) or do you have any specific recommendations for items that you've found you simply cannot live without, or things you've found that have made life a heck of a lot easier? It can be anything from a backpack or gear bag to sleeping gear for duty nights to the best sunglasses on Earth.

    Sadly enough, my first purchase has to be another watch: my current Rip Curl Girl watch doesn't have a digital face and it's not 'tough' enough for duty. Any thoughts there?


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    find out what your classes recommend you having. then attend the classes and anything you find you need then you can get. just start with basics.
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    No matter what class your in the following couple of small things can come in extremely handy:

    * a good water resistant watch with a second sweep hand
    * a leatherman or similar tool
    * a pen and a piece of paper for quick notes
    * a sturdy pair of leather work gloves (those trendy exrtication gloves are great but solid leather is more rugged and less likely to melt on your hand
    * safety glasses or "bug eyes" of sometime
    * a day bag with extra socks, undies, SPF 30, bug spray, a toothbrush and paste, some shower in a stick, a couple granloa bars, a bottle or three of water and sports drink, pack of gum, a prepaid calling card(for out of cell phone area times) and some rolled quarters (pizza guy or vending machines) for station fill in asssignments, long training days or long woods fire calls ( a great place to check into what people have in thier day/shift/long term deployment kits would be the Wildland Firefighting sites/forums both on FH and off or even searching for USAR team websites and their "deployment bag options)

    For bigger things:

    * a Petzl water rescue and rappelling helmet fitted to YOUR noggin for those tech rescue classes
    * an overnight or shift bag (I have an LARescue bag sold thru EMP medical supplies as an example)
    * a couple "Pelican" waterproof / intrinsically safe lights

    More later...
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