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    Post Haz Mat Charges?

    Tulsa City Council is considering ordinance to charge for Haz Mat

    (Tulsa-AP) -- The Tulsa City Council is considering an ordinance
    that would let responsible parties be charged when the fire
    department's Hazardous Materials Unit responds to a spill in the
    Officials expect to generate 800-thousand dollars a year.
    The ordinance puts the responsibility for the cost of containing
    hazardous spills on the owners of the products, those transporting
    them or anyone responsible for causing the accident.
    If approved, there will be a 500-dollar charge for the first
    hour the unit works to contain a spill. There will be a 400-dollar
    charge for each additional hour and for each additional engine
    company called to assist.
    Deputy Fire Chief David Dayringer says the ordinance should
    quicken the response time from mitigation companies and be a new
    source of revenue for the city's general fund.

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    Thats good, we already charge for our HAZMAT team services. The equipment is just too expensive to be using it with no reimbursemnet.
    We have a flat fee for hourly for Techs, Our HAZMAT Truck, Engines on scene, and any extra personnel on scene. I know our first hour is $300-$400 I'm not quite sure.
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