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    Default Need Hose for Antique Restoration of Army Fire Engine.

    I am restoring a World War 2 Chevy 1.5 ton 4x4 Fire Engine.

    To make it visually complete it needs hose. The spec was 600 ft of 2.5 inch line and 400 ft. of 1.5 inch line.

    Any one know where I can find 1940's era hose, inspectible or not. Most will be for visual effect so it does not have to be front line pieces.

    Also looking for any other equipment this truck would have.

    Bill Wolf

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    Default Lots of Hose

    That's a lot of hose. We had the same delimma with our restoration of a 1923 Seagrave 750 pumper. We solved the problem by construction a wooden box and looping hose jacket off the end to simulate the real hose load. On the top of the box, we used real hose for two layers.

    Captain Bob


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