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    Default Q2A vs. Q2B

    I've got a question, hopefully someone knows the answer. What's the difference between a Q2A and a Q2B siren? besides the lettering

    Why i'm asking this is because we have 2 engines that have Q's. One is a Q2A and the other is a Q2B. I don't notice a difference in sound.
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    I noramlly dont post in these lights and sirens threads but try this link it may have the answer your looking for and then once you found the answer press ALT-f4 on your keyboard and hop on one leg and smack your self for bringing up another siren post.
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    I went to the Federal Siganl website, and I found no mention of the Q2A. There was a Q2B and a E-Q2B. The Q2B being mechanical, and the E-Q2B which is electronic.

    If I were to make a ques I would guess that the Q2A would ne an earlier model of the Q siren but I have nothing to back that up with as I have never heard of it.


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    Who cares what it is called, as long as it sounds loud, cool and gets people out of the way fast.

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    The Q2A is just an earlier version and most of them didn't come with a brake on the, Hense the B in Q2B. However most departments installed an aftermarket Brake because without it there is a high electrical draw and it makes it hard to work or stand in front of the apparatuas when the Q is winding down.

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