WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) - Firefighters searched Monday for a man
who disappeared in the Ohio River over the weekend as crews tried
to rescue him.
The Wheeling Fire Department received a report Saturday
afternoon that a man was struggling in the water near the Wheeling
Suspension Bridge, Fire Chief Steve Johnston said Monday.
Firefighters on shore threw ropes with flotation devices
attached to them toward the man. But the swiftness of the water
prevented them from getting the rescue equipment close enough to
the man, who disappeared beneath the surface, Johnston said.
"It's had an emotional effect on the firefighters attempting
the rescue," Johnston said.
Crews have been searching the river ever since, he said. But
because of recent rain, the water is high, swift and murky,
hindering the search.
There was no boat in the area, and firefighters and police have
found no personal items to identify the man. Also, there have been
no missing person reports, Johnston said.
It was not known Monday why the man was in the water, Johnston

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