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    Question Attack Lines

    What size attack lines do you carry on your apparatus, and what Department is it. Just courious.

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    All engines have roughly:

    3 - 1 3/4" 300' lines w/ Automatic
    1 - 2 1/2" 300' lines w/ Smooth Bore

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    Smile Here's the List...........

    Engine 181

    Front bumper line 150' 1.5
    Crosslays 2 200' 1.5
    Rear 1 350' 1.5
    1 250' 1.5
    1 250' 2.0
    1 200' 2.0
    Standpipe pack 150' 1.5
    Brush Pack 200' 1.0

    Engine 183

    Same as E181 except for a 3rd crosslay line, a 150' 1.5
    see them at

    We are specing a new engine at this time, and it will be the first one in 55 years without any crosslays. We expect to have 2 200' 1.5 lines on the front bumper, along with the same layout on the rear that we have now. There will be a 150' 1.5 line on the right running board below the pump discharges. Also, we will have the first Rear intake (6" W/Keystone valve) in our 75 year history. Stay Safe....
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    we carry 200 & 250 of 1 3/4 attack line and 100 of 1 3/4 for trash line and 250 of 2.5 on a smooth bore for blitz attack
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    When I left the Oakland, NJ municipal department in 1991, all attack lines were 2"....and I believe that is true today. We ran with 1.5" up until the mid 1980's, and with the addition of 5" LDH supply lines came the larger handlines.

    My NJ Forest Fire wildland engine has a single 1.5" pre-connect for those "just in case" moments, but otherwise relies on 1" forestry hose or 3/4" booster line for I/A. If I need structure protection....I'll request Class A engines to the scene.
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    We have:
    1 3/4" with Automatic Nozzles
    100' Trash Line
    150' Car Fire Line
    200' Attack Line
    250' Attack Line
    2 1/2" with Smoothbore Nozzle
    200' Attack Line

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    My volly FD uses the following:

    2-200' 2 inch crosslays with 200 at 75 low pressure combos, with a 1 1/4" slug tip

    1-300' 2 inch rear preconnect, same nozzle as above

    1-100' 1 3/4 inch trash line, same nozzle as above

    1-apartment lay with 400' of 3 inch to a gated wye with 100' of 2 inch, same nozzle as above

    1-portable deluge on the back step preconnected to 200' of 3 inch

    1-200' of bundle packed 1 inch forestry hose connected to a Scotty 40 gpm foam nozzle with a one gallon jug of Class A foam

    also while not technically an attack line we have a pre-piped deluge gun top mounted

    My career FD uses:

    1-200' crosslay 1 3/4 inch with a 125 Maruader

    1-200/300' rear preconnect1 3/4 inch, same nozzle (this line is loaded as a 200 foot preconnect to a wye with 100 feet of line under that connected to the other side of the wye, normally pulled as a 200 footer, it can be broken and the other 100 feet added as needed)

    1-100' crosslay 1 1/2 inch with a 95 gpm Maurader

    2-Attack packs, with one connected to 500 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose with a 200 at 75 lowp pressure combo with a 15/16 slug tip

    1-600' 2 1/2 dead lay with a 250 at 75 low pressure copmbo with a 1 1/8 slug tip

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    We have a small engine with only one preconnect so here is what we do:

    -250' of preconnected 1 3/4" with pistol grip fog.

    -200' of 2 1/2" with standard fog.

    -Prepacked gated wye setup with 150' of 2 1/2" into the wye, then 150' of 1 1/2" with standard fog on each outlet.

    -100' of 1 3/4" with pistol grip fog as a high-rise pack (axe/spanners/reducers/rope).
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