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    Question Non-Enclosed Apparatus Innovatins?

    The current FH poll asks "Does Your Department Still Have Running Apparatus That Does Not Have A Fully Enclosed Cab?"

    With this in mind, does your department still save running apparatus that does not have a fully enclosed cab? What steps has your department taken to refurb, replace, or add additional safety features to theses pieces of apparatus? Any clever or innovative ideas?

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    Default open cabs

    My Dept. still has a quite a few of companies running with open cab apparattus (my company included). Our reserve fleet is almost entirely open cab. As the fleet is replaced obviously all new rigs are spec'd with fully enclosed cabs. As for open cab safety?- your seat has a seat belt, unless bunkering out enroute then you'd better have it on...those "saftey bars" won't save you. Stay safe, 46T www.sanantoniofire.org

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    Have you ever rode more than 20 miles during heavy rain, or snow in an "open cab"??? No, you should if you think open cabs are a good idea... If you have and still like it... Think hard about which way your going to fly, if, god forbid, you roll over. Time to move on. Sure they are great to look at, and maybe for parades. But I won't even ride in the open jump seats since I've been seeing all there engine crashes.

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    Default Ahh memories

    Seems like yesterday I was putting my gear on, hanging off the side of the ALF ladder truck. Bad old days .....(but fun)

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