I would like to know how volunteering at a fire department usually works in Florida. I am on my way to get certified EMT and FF by the end of July of 2004, but in the meantime I think it would be very productive to use *some* of my free time (maybe 1 or 2 days a week) to volunteer at a department anywhere within reasonable driving distance from Ft Lauderdale. This way I will not go in cold turkey when I do go for employment.

1) In my current situation, do you think this is a good use of my time? Will this make me a better FF/EMT at the time I do get hired?
2) What does volunteering entail?
3) Can a completely uncertified, inexperienced person get hired?
4) Will volunteering make it easier for me to get a good job when the time comes to apply?

Thanks in advance for your input. This is the first place I have gone to ask these questions, so forgive me if my questions seem misguided in any way.