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Thread: Code 3 intersection Policy

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    Default Code 3 intersection Policy

    I had a really interesting discussing with some of the local private ambulance employee's for AMR. In fact they have a really good idea as far as driving code 3 concerns. There policy states that you have to come to a complete stop (CA law allow you to roll at not more than 15MPH through intersection.) and clear all lanes of traffic before proceeding. This takes and extra 2 sec and it has greatly reduced the number of ambulance collisions. They also strictly enforce it as too if you violate it you WILL be terminated. As we all know people cant drive normally nontheless when a emergency vehicle is behind them and this 2 sec extra has greatly reduced accidents. As opinion on this or anyone else using this policy. Personally i use the policy when driving the paramedic unit even though im allowed 15mph.

    another interesting AMR Idea for Ambulances Road Safety

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    Definitely stopping at the intersection, lights & sirens on, will give that extra chance for drivers to feel your presence, and it will give the driver of the rig THAT much more opportunity to avoid collisions. Good call by AMR
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    Rural Metro has that policy in place. I believe it's a good policy to have.
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    I dont know about the private EMS company that covers my county. But in my fire department we always slow down to about 5 or 10 mph and most of the time come to a stop at an intersection while we're running code 3.

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    I am not sure if this is an "official" policy around here, but I have noted that police and ems vehicles tend to slow and occasionally stop at busy intersections even at code 3. I was able to talk to the Base Traffic Investigator a while ago and I asked about this. He told me that it was something that was being encouraged to all emergency responding crews, and that intersection accidents had been dropping since the practice began about two years ago.

    Even if its not an official policy, it just seems to me like a good thing to do anyway. My station responds from a small side road directly onto a major highway, and its more often than not that we have to come to a complete stop and wait for the main traffic to realize we are even there, before proceeding on. It is most frustrating when you end up playing "tag" with the guy in the other car, cuz he just doesn't seem to "get it" that you are an Emergency Vehicle.
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    We are required to stop at all intersections when running emergency traffic when presented with a stop light/sign. The trick is actually enforcing the policy. Like many things it tends to be a rule that covers dept liability rather than an actual practice.

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