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    Post Philly Firefighters-"We don't need no stinkin' Trash!

    PHILADELPHIA (AP) - The city said it will begin a cleanup this
    week of a 45,000-ton pile of illegally dumped trash and debris that
    has been smoldering, off and on, for several years.
    The garbage, heaped on seven acres of undeveloped land near
    Philadelphia International Airport, has been a major headache for
    city firefighters, who have visited it dozens of times to try and
    extinguish an unseen fire burning within it. Acrid smoke from the
    mysterious blaze has been a source of frequent complaints by area
    Philadelphia Managing Director Philip Goldsmith said there may
    be a temporary increase in smoke from the site, starting this week,
    as work crews douse "hot spots" in the pile with water and haul
    away the extinguished sections.
    "Once the pile hot spots are cooled, there should be no more
    smoke coming from the site," he said.
    City officials said in March that it could cost more than $1
    million to clean up the 2.8 acre site. A spokeswoman for Mayor John
    Street said Thursday that she didn't know how much the city had
    agreed to pay for the work.
    The 10-foot-high hill of junk was created by a city demolition
    contractor, and was originally located in a residential
    neighborhood in North Philadelphia before officials had it moved to
    its present home near the banks of the Schuylkill river. It was
    supposed to have been removed in the 1980s, but never was.

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    My question is, why would they keep it there for years?

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