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Thread: Training Ideas

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    Question Training Ideas

    What are some things your post does for training?

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    It's hard to list the things we do. It's a variety of everything. If you have ever read, or looked at The Essentials of Fire Fighting, Fourth Edition. You would get a good sense of what we do.

    I know, its lazy of me, but it works, and its clear cut.

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    lots of stuff... hope that helps... i posted this before but didnt get many responses....

    we have done
    Auto Extraction
    smoke house (we helped the FF with it we didnt go in)
    SCBA training
    water rescue (SO MUCH FUN!!)

    Talk to me on AIM im mdafunk or e-mail doversoccer@yahoo.com if u want the rest of our schedule or more detaled discription of what we have done...
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    we do extrication, interior attack, first aid, vech accidents, repelling, hose operation, pump operation, ladder use, pressure dynamics, rescue tech etc...

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