A drum roll please:

Baaaaah daaaaaaaaah BUM! Cue the band! Pomp and Circumstance! Ooooooooooooboyoboyoboy! Congratulations! Tom

You have known him through his postings as firefighter Rob (f/frob). As of today, that changed.

You canít imagine the thrill when his mother Harriet (the bride of almost 39 years) handed me the phone and said Captain Smith wants to talk to you. A proud son telling his dad he got the call he has been promoted to Captain for Contra Costa County Fire. Proud? Elated? Emotional? Yep! The Champaign corks are popping. Badge ceremony to follow. I'm trying to fit into my old horse blanket uniform and shinning up the boots, brass and badge.

Itís kind of like being knighted. We hereby bestow upon you the badge of Captain . . .

Dan Poynter, a long time friend wrote: Congratulations. Now you can address each other the same way.

Reply: Although he is a Robert Smith Jr., actually he goes by Rob Smith AKA as firefighter Rob. Now it will be Captain Rob, son of Captain Bob.

If you want to send congrats to Captain Rob his e-mail address is nrtc@sonic.net

"Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

Fire "Captain Bob"