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    Hey everyone,

    Where is the best place to buy affordable bunkers, helmets, boots, geear etc... that are affordable but still is quality gear?

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    I do not know what is affordable to you. So here is some gear manufacturers:


    Morning Pride:

    Lion Apperal:


    I do not know how much that helps you, but I hope that helps. I am sure others will come up with other manufacturers. Those are just what I could get from my head at this moment and time.

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    Guess it depends on where you live. In Texas the Texas Forest Service offers bunker gear to departments at a reasonable cost. Check with the Fire Marshal of your state/region and see if they know of any agencies that have gear for sale.
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    Why would you want to buy bunker gear? Anyways the best thing to do is to call around to other departments and ask if they having any old gear they can depart with. I'm a big boy 6'7" 260lbs. My department didn't have any gear big enough for me so my chief got me a old set of globe gear from another department. They told me to just keep it, and my department had me measured out for a set of Morning Pride. Really nice stuff.

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    I get all my stuff Galls. My dad gets all his police uniforms from there to and i think they got good prices.
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    If you get your own gear, I wouldn't get the morning pride. I have heard from more than one person that it will fade with use and washing. I know explorers do not do intirior firefighting but gear will still get dirty, I wash mine once a year. All of my gear except my coat and pants are my own. My boots and helmet were given to me by my family, I bought my suspenders, gloves, hood, and all my "toys" in my pockets.
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    here is another link,,,,,,

    I also highly suggest that you contact a local vendor insteead of buying from any catalog. You are going to pay way more for it there.Turnout Gear
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