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    I got home from work around midnight sunday night and it was just starting to storm here. At 2am we got dispatched for a house fire, ended up in our neigboring dept. district, but we ended up going for mutual aid. Ended up with 4 depts there fighting this fire. The owner had just passed away earlier in the week so no one was home.

    I am starting to get jealous, you all mention the body paint pictures and I have yet to see any!

    Take care everyone!

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    I can relate to the busy weekend.

    Structure fire Friday night while on duty

    Sat night, had 4 medical call within 30 minutes, had all off duty FF's paged back to cover while out ambulance provided M/A to the service which staffs Monmouth with 1 ambulance. (which by the way I no longer work for)

    And to top it off, I am trying to move at the end of the month, and have almost no packing done.

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