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    Default political coruption

    political coruption

    Looking for information.......
    Recently lost out on bid for fire chiefs job....Have been Deputy Chief for past 13 years and acting chief for past six months in which time I turned around a huge budget deficit without having to cut out any staffing or services ( previous chief was a very poor budget manager) The person I lost out to was the previous chiefs' son who was a Lt. for the past 5 years ( appointed by his father , no management experience). The
    x chief is good friends with several selectmen and has spent the past six months working to get his son the chiefs job .The selectboard did a real dog and pony show to make it look good.. The selectmen that appointed him stated it was because they liked his idea of forming duty groups to respond to fire calls ( we are a paid/ call dept.) this will save money. The adjustments I made in the past six months have already saved a significant amount of money without putting anyone in danger by cutting our response .

    If anyone has any information of similar cases where this has happened and was challenged in court I would be interested in this information .

    Thanks.. dchydesr @aol

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    Post town politics

    I can feel for you. I vol. on a small dept. and if your not in the "group" forget it as far as advancement. I have put more of my own time, sweat, and blood into my dept. and I know that I have a snowball's chance in HE*@ of ever going any father than a Captain. Sometimes you wounder if it is all worth the effort. If the Town you are in went through the dog and pony show they basiclly covered there butts as far as the paperwork end of things. The only thing I can think of is if your Dept has any type of BY-Laws that state you have to have this or that qualification BEFORE you become a Chief Officer you may be able to go back and say that the person is under qualified and you are. If by chance you do not have anything written down then I sugest that you ( carefully ) bring up the subject so as They might be in place for the next time.......and there will be a next time. Also any By-Laws need to be signed off by the Town Fathers. This way they have no leg to stand on when the chips are down.

    Good Luck Brother and stay safe.

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