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Thread: Smoking Ban

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    Default Smoking Ban

    If you are from New York, I bet you know of the smoking ban. What do you think about it?

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    Smoking is the most vile and rancid form of needless detriment to society and life as we know it. Why should such an activity be condoned by anyone when it does nothing but damage my health and that of friends & family? Why should my healthcare system get clogged with those who feel a habit makes them victims more needy of treatment than someone who never asked for ill health? I approach every medical response with the same willingness to treat & help with every bit of knowledge I have, but I have little tolerance of people who kill themselves with the same gun they chose to purchase. If there's a possibility anyone I know will be eating in New York or Boston or anywhere else, I hope for total ban on tobacco products to be the theme. Utilitarianism protected the rights of individuals but NOT at the expense of someone else's rights. Breathing is a right and not a privilege. Utility shall prevail.
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    I am from New York and being a Non-Smoker, so the rule does not affect me in a direct way. However, it is not illegal and it is someone's right to have a smoke if they want. There is plenty of signs and warnings, so at this point it is a choice that people make. And as far as in bars and resturants, people can just walk outside so they do not put anyone else at risk. All and all, I like the law mainly because I do not smoke and are bothered by heavy cigarett smoke. Thanks....

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    It's really about time to ban cigarette smoking once and for all, especially in public places. If this ban happened, then it will surely trigger the biggest fall in smoking in our country. It will also lower the number of people who die with smoke related causes. Having cigarette smoking banned will really make sense.

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