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    Default Any Fulltime Depts. Receive Grants?

    Just curious, does anyone know of any full-time departments to receive grants this year? I'm curious since FEMA changed the wording defining the money split between full-time and combination/paid-on-call departments this year.

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    Although we have not received any indication of an award, several full time departments in our county and neighboring counties have received awards. The number of part - time departments receiving funding still appears to be more than full time.

    I am concerned with the number of firefighting vehicles being funded this year in comparison to firefighting operations. We requested funding for a rescue pumper at $275,000 total and have yet to hear anything. We are down to just one truck that is a 1978 for first line response. We need help ASAP but no indicators as of yet.

    Good luck!

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    Thumbs up Don't forget the Fulltimers

    From the outside looking in, it appears that the volunteer Dept's. are receiving the lions share of the money. I hope this proves to be wrong. Most every Dept. needs help with funding for equipment.

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