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    Default Cellular 911, who's got it??

    We just received C911 at my dispatch center. For now, we are in Phase 0, no information given, maybe a callback number if it's not blocked. I would like to know what other centers are doing with certain cell 9-1-1 calls:

    Obvious non-emergency calls, such as my car doesn't start and motorist assistance calls.

    Hang-ups and no-voice calls.

    This whole thing is new to me, just got it last week. I already hate it, I feel like I'm a dispatcher for AAA or something.

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    If you have Phase 0 then your not getting anything except the tower the signal is hitting off of. If your getting some of the cell phones call back number then you have Phase I at least with some carriers.

    We call back all misdials to confirm that everything is ok. Just like we would do with landlines. (We have Phase I for all cell calls) If we hear something bad and the phone is hung up and we can't reach someone on call back then we contact the cellular provide to get subscriber info to send an officer out to the residence to check. If their is a motorist assist then we send a beat car to handle it. If the car is in traffic then it poses a traffic hazard. We handle the calls the same way regardless of where there from, they (the policies) just need some tweaking since their coming from cell phones.

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