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    Thumbs down Volunteering Rules

    I am from the suburbs of Buffalo and I recently inquired about volunteering at two of the local volunteer stations. I recieved the same answer from both. I am 18 and they told me they only take 21 year olds. I want to know if that is fair that I could volunteer to serve in the armed forces when I am 18 or even better be drafted to be forced to go to war when I turn 18, but I cannot volunteer to help my community. I have read about 16 year old volunteers and I understand the responsibility of a firefighter seeing as how my father is a Captain. I will not accept a response that has anything to do with the drinking age or anything along those lines, because that is not fair. Please, I want to hear the opinion of others on this subject. Thanks if you do give your opinion.....
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    Smile Volunteering Rules

    It seems to me that the two departments you have gone to have given you a pretty lame excuse, especially since many special events they may put on involve beer and other alcoholic beverages, but that does not seem to be a valid excuse for not taking you into either department you want to join. Some of the over 40 types, like myself, have run into the same problem on the basis that one of us would drop dead from a heart attack during training, which may, to an extent be valid, given some departments' unhappy experiences. At least I made it into my department in an administrative/support role rather than active duty, which I hope to do at some point once I get into good enough shape if it is not too late already. If you are in really good shape and really want it bad enough, I would raise as big a stink about it as I possibly could. I hope you talk with your father, the Captain as I am sure that he is an expert on such matters. Good luck and God bless you.

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    I am 17... I am a firefighter in Western New York. And buddy, I know what your talking about. Departments can be rough and somewhat bluntly... STUPID. Those departments up there around Buffalo... such as Brighton Fire Company, in North Tonawanda... are a completely different rule from down south here in Cattaraugus County. I personally think that they make you be 21 because they want to appear better to thier big brother up there. I dont know if its true or not but thats what it seems like to me. Down here we have nobody to impress, just a job to do.

    I dont know what to tell ya unless you want to move to Randolph, we can always use willing bodies for something...lol. Other than that brother you are just going to stick it out unti lyou are of age if your still interested.

    Im sure that you could really find a super good lawyer and sue for age discrimination or something of that nature. I am sure that if could be done but that wouldnt be too good for department relations with you.

    My reccommendation(I probably slaughtered that word), just stick it out. Enjoy...
    Firefighter/EMT Mitch Cowen
    Hose Co. 1 1st Lieutenant
    Randolph Fire Co. Inc

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