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    Question Lost Creek Wildfire

    Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this site so forgive my lack of colour to my posts please. I recently moved from the SW corner of AB to Saskatchewan and just found out about the Lost Creek fire. Are there any in here who have been out to that fire? The data I've come across indicates it to be a nasty one and I have friends and family there whom I think may be downplaying the seriousness of the fire to sooth me. I was a volly ff in that area but mostly did grass and structures and don't have any wildland ff'ing experience. However, if anyone has been ff'ing there or has news or links to the lost creek fire, I would appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance and may you all be safe.
    Tara (Fire haired woman)

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    Every day, in every way I thank God I'm not a wildland firefighter

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    Cool Lost Creek Wildfire


    Please excuse my tardy response, it is my first day relaxing (at my regular job) since July 23.

    Things were definetely looking like Blairmore was in for a real nasty fight on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week( amongst other days). However, yesterday the status went to "being held". The fire is currently at 21,000+ hectares or something like 220+ square km. (about 55,000 acres). We do continue to be quite apprehensive, but hopeful as the ground crews and air crews are doing great work for us. The guys and gals from the HAC crews and Hillcrest Fire (we had some in there as well) did GREAT work, not a single dwelling was lost despite the fire burning into the town. The firefight in Hillcrest was on Saturday August 2, and the Sunday. As the fire was crowning, the heli-torch crew was back-burning in Evergreen Estates. Sprinklering, committed crews, and a ballsy ARFF truck operator, etc. contributed to the success. The fire dropped out of the tree tops at the right time (about 20:00), if there is such a thing.

    We are OK, Thank you for your concern.


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