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    Question Speedboard for patient removal?

    Does anyone use the Prolite Speedboards for patient packaging/removal? We're evaluating one currently and I'm wondering about your experiences and use of them.
    For those unfamiliar, they're similar to a KED but without the leg straps. Application time is pretty fast, under a minute.
    So far, I've found they make rapid extrications faster and easier as once you have the head secured, the 'head' guy (holding c-spine) is not needed and out of the way.
    The only negative I've found so far is the blue head pad does seem to be too large for some people and would push the patient's head slightly forward. It's easy enough to slide it off the board and use a smaller pad in that case.

    Here's a link: http://www.prolitespineboards.com/speedboard.asp

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    We have had ours for about a year now and have used it 2-3 times in the field with pretty good success. It is easier to apply than a KED but you have to practice with it.

    I agree with you that the head pad is a little hard to manuver around and can get in the way in tight quarters.

    It does offer a nice means of hard protection between the patient and your tools/metal.
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    I have seen them used by the CART Safety Team. Had a BRIEF training session with one. I will be working at the Mid-Ohio CART race next week and there is talk that the Mid-Ohio Safety Team will be training with one the track bought. I'll try to let you know what I think after I get my hands-on with it.
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