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    While viewing a different fire service web site I saw something that struck me as odd and left me curious...

    There was a photo of a 4 story building with fire in the top floor apt. And the caption read...High-Rise Condominum fire. Now I haven't been everywhere but I had always seen 75 ft, or out of the reach of aerial ladders, or something to that affect in IFSTA manuals, building/zoning codes or other recognized fire service texts as the definiton of a High-Rise. There are many different tactics and considerations when operating above the reach of ladders. Never have I or anyone I have worked with to my knowledge considered a 4 story building a High-Rise.

    What do you consider to be the defining characteristics of a high-rise. Are there that many different definitions out there?


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    A high rise is any structure that is beyond the reach of your longest ladder!

    A shopping mall, while usually no more than two to three stories high can be considered a "horizontal high rise"...considering that..

    a: limited access to stores in the structure.
    b: limited numbers of standpipe connections for fire ops
    c: varying fire loads, depending on the type of occupancy
    d: elevators, escalators, moving walkways
    e: the same reaction from the people in the building when a fire alarm goes off!
    f: there is always a delivery truck or someone's car parked in front of the FD conection!
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    Not having seen it, my guess would be that there was a stand pipe system and the operations were just like a high rise.

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